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6 things tourists do in Austin that drive locals crazy


Austin worst place to date chris distefano instagram They were curious about this, given that I was an outsider living for a month each in all four. They also wanted to know because this is a hot topic in Texas; the four cities have become some of Austin worst place to date most economically dynamic places, and have ongoing rivalries for food, sports, and cultural cache. To this point, the question was always less about which city had the best economy, and more about quality of life and street cred--where would I actually want to live? Here's my breakdown of the ausin and cons of each, although, age lim buzzfeed steven an urban affairs writer and zoning dork, my judgement will inevitably revolve around each city's land-use policies. While residents in the other Texas cities flay each other for being pretentious, vapid, over-consumptive, austin worst place to date some combo of the three Dallas is even hated by neighboring Fort Worth everyone seems to like San Antonio.

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Share on Facebook Making your partner happy on Valentine's Day may not the be the most important thing in the world, but it will sure make life a little more enjoyable on February 14, 15 and hopefully through the weekend. Personally, I don't get that elaborate - maybe a surprise, or a nice restaurant or an intimate home cooked meal is in the cards - but at the end of the day, I believe it's the thought that counts. However, there are a few spots you absolutely do not want to make a destination on this, our nation's day of love.

10 Things to Do in Austin For Under $20

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Print Are you a young, college-educated woman? Are you looking to settle down one day with a young, college-educated man? A word of advice. Stay away from Sarasota, Florida. Nobody's beach body is worth battling those odds.

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Tim Ferriss is a transplant. Now Apple wants to expand there in a big way.

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Copy Link Dating is not easy. In fact it can be downright scary! In honor of the biggest date night of the year, we decided to share a few of our tales with you. The last time I hung out with Creed we went to watch a movie about astronauts.