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WATCH: JYJ’s Park Yoochun Makes Solo Comeback With ”Slow Dance” MV


Park yoochun slow dance mp3 loving someone with mental illness Yoochun though recently had it removed, it was slod. The South Korean actor reportedly had the said tattoo of his ex-girlfriend's face park yoochun slow dance mp3 his arm taken out after Hwang Hana got arrested in a drug-related rap. The singer and songwriter has had Hana's face tattoo on his arm since he and his girlfriend got engaged back in September 2017. However, the young couple broke off their engagement in April 2018.

He denied the allegations while presenting his statement. Read his translated statement below. Hello. This is Park Yoochun. I had many thoughts and worries before coming here. It was a very difficult time.

He looked surprisingly a lot more relaxed. In fact, it is the first time more than in three years that he accepted an interview in Korea. Yuchun completed his military service in 2017 and he has held fan meetings in Japan and Korea in 2018 to reunite with his fans. Accepting his solo interview, Yuchun expressed how he is feeling now.

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