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Venezuela inflation heads to million percent; new currency unveiled


Venezuela capital and currency meeting arab singles Here's how Venezuela is turning its worthless bank notes into gold The existence of Maduro's gold veneuela is well-known. Venezuela capital and currency it functions is not. With the country's economy in meltdown, an estimated 300,000 fortune hunters have descended on this mineral-rich jungle area to earn a living pulling gold-flecked earth from makeshift mines.

venezuela inflation

Venezuela announces easing of currency controls, economists skeptical Sun, Sep 09, 2018 - 10.47 PM Wilmer Rojas, 25, shows the purses he sewn up, using Bolivar bills in Caracas. The young Venezuelan tries to make a living out of devalued Bolivar banknotes by making crafts with them. AFP Venezuela on Saturday eased 15-year-old currency controls, decreeing that private banks and exchange houses are allowed to sell dollars, but economists are skeptical the measure will improve the dysfunctional and crisis-stricken economy.

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Venezuela's currency crisis explained

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