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WWE News: Former Divas Champion returns to battle Becky Lynch on Monday Night Raw


When will alicia fox return cl (singer) feet Roman Reigns def. Corey Graves, who is apparently taking a break from social media because it's too negative, wasted no time getting all kinds of negative with Jonathan Coachman. People who cheer for Roman Reigns seem so much edgier and more interesting than the monolith of dorks who pay money when will alicia fox return play the victim.

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Last night's main event wasn't just about Ronda Rousey dishing out the armbars and judo throws. It wasn't even just about Alicia Fox popping up in the main event. It was about showing that there's plenty of underused talent in that locker room on the men and women's side that could main event any Monday night if given the chance. Didn't happen.

Underrated Superstar returns - WWE Top 10

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News Back in high school, I had a friend named Tori. We went to the same parties, hung in the same circles. But after high school, we lost touch. Only, the television audience and thousands fans in attendance knew her as Alicia Fox, aka The Foxxy One.

It's now clear which stars will be included and who won't be part of the show. Most of the matches for the show have already been revealed, which means that this week there were many stars who had much better weeks than others. Fox was able to dominate the former UFC champion like no other woman has before her, which could be why she has been given the opportunity to face Ronda next week on Raw. This will be Rousey's first match on Raw, and considering Fox has been out of action since the Royal Rumble, her return can obviously be considered a successful one.

Divas Champion Melina vs. Alicia Fox

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