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What is a balanced Fund? Are they a safe investment?


Balanced mutual funds advantages and disadvantages eharmony brand positioning What is a balanced Fund? Are they a safe investment? Balanced funds are suitable for first-time investors and for people aevantages have a less-risk appetite. Balanced funds maintain their formula of income generation and capital appreciation. It is for investors who do not want to take on a risky situation but still want capital appreciation.

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A balanced fund is a mutual fund that contains a stock component, a bond component and sometimes a money market component in a single portfolio. Generally, these funds stick to a relatively fixed mix of stocks and bonds. Their holdings are balanced between equity and debt with their objective between growth and income.

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Updated. Jul 27, 2015, 08. Between June 2014 and June 2015, the asset under management AUM of equity oriented balanced funds almost doubled from Rs 18,620 crore to Rs 36,712 crore. Given their popularity at the moment, we examine the factors responsible for the high net inflows into these funds. First, bullishness in the equity markets saw investors flocking to this asset class.

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By Dana Anspach Updated February 04, 2019 A balanced fund automatically spreads your money across a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. This moderate risk approach can work well for those in and near retirement.

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