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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Dating a Martial Artist


Dating a martial arts instructor hollywood story app marriage Women who train in martial arts confound a lot of people. These are just some of the things I heard while I was training that I guarantee women who train martial arts are tired of hearing. Giphy For some reason, people have trouble wrapping their heads around the concept that women train without it being connected dating a martial arts instructor any kind martlal man. When I started training I was single and I have never dated anyone at any of my martial arts gyms. Not every women in a martial arts class is there because of a man. Anonanon 05-14-2001, 01.24 AM Just wanted to hear some people's thoughts about and perhaps experiences with instructors, including chief instructors, who date their students. And I do mean plural students. Or is it ok if it is just one? Obviously if instructors use their position of power to attact females it may reflect on how you view their ethical standing which may make you question their motives for teaching , but I would not be one to make moral judgements if they are not affecting you or your collegues. Ian P.

FMK: Dating Someone Who Likes to Drink Alcohol (Relationship Advice)

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5 Reasons why a Martial Artist would be a Perfect Date!

Jim Carrey , Karate Instructor

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