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Raw silk Wholesalers Bangalore


Silk wholesalers in bangalore metlife dental coinsurance Thanks for subscribing to our silk wholesalers in bangalore Priyanka Dec 16, 2016 Dress Material in Bangalore. 8 Places to go for a Bargain Price While it is easy to shop for readymade clothes, its not very easy to find good shops for Dress Materials in Bangalore. That too if you are looking for something in a low budget. Whether it is cotton dress material for getting a nice salwar suit stitched or looking silk wholesalers in bangalore churidar materials, you have to search a number of shops before finding the quality and price you are looking for.

best fabric stores in bangalore

Co-optex has a network of 200 showrooms spread all over India with an annual turnover of around Rs. Its logo-the multi-hued butterfly is synonymous with quality, durability and fair trade. The fabrics marketed by Co-optex represent an aesthetic quality and talk of the rich legacy of Tamil Nadu handlooms. By honing the skills of its weavers and developing innovative concepts, Co-optex has been successfully meeting the demands and challenges of the market. Each product of Co-optex displays the artistry and craftsmanship of weavers from Tamil Nadu.

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Old Market + Bangalore Metro - Sonia Nicolson

best fabric stores in bangalore

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72 Temple Collection Silk Sarees - from B. Byrappa & Sons - Bangalore

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