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Can a relationship survive the year abroad?


My girlfriend is going away for 6 months feeling fat before a date Write for us Can a relationship survive the year abroad? I've been in a relationship for 3 years now, and have decided to go on the year abroad to the USA as part of my Business degree. I am so nervous about it because I love my boyfriend but I'm worried about so many things, mainly that My girlfriend is going away for 6 months will only be able to come girlriend once in the year - at Christmas - and he can only afford to fly out and visit me kristen stewart news today, and also that I have been told it's not a monthss idea to keep Skyping every day as you miss out on cultural things and having fun, but I want him to feel loved and know I'm thinking of him - has anyone who has been through this before got any advice?! This question was asked on 9th August 2014 and has been read 25013 times.

my boyfriend is going overseas without me

Last Post 1. Posted by russ24 First Time Poster 1 posts 12y Star this if you like it! I'm going away for 4 months without my girlfriend and i dont know whether it would be best to stay together or go on a break. Any advice would be most welcome. Posted by Savannah11 Inactive 11 posts 12y Star this if you like it!


I found your article today and it felt very inspiring to read it. However, he never texts me. I mean, he always replies to me when I text him.

Let me tell you my story. I had this good looking girl leave to be in Iraq about four months ago.

Your Boyfriend is Going Away For 6 Months and You Don't Want Him to Break Up with You

At 15 Years old, I Was Told I Had 6 Months to Live

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