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TV Review: Code Lyoko: Evolution


Code lyoko evolution aelita brotbackautomat silvercrest sbb 850 d1 If code lyoko evolution aelita want to read the review for the original Code Lyoko animated show, then click this link here. I did think that the actor for Odd looked to young but he technically was the right age so I got over it, I thought code lyoko evolution aelita actors for Ulrich and Yumi were spot on and then of course I was curious about Aelita and her hair lol but this show was going to be in French as the animated show evolutionn originally a French cartoon. Pros. Cast and Characters. Quentin Merabet as Ulrich Stern.

code lyoko yumi

Aelita triggered the opening. Her distinctive characteristic is that she doesn't have physical weapon at her disposal and that she is the only one in such a case. Yet, she doesn't get penalized because her powers are overwhelming enough to fight.

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CODE LYOKO EVOLUTION - Behind the Scenes

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Code Lyoko Evolution épisode 18 VF