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Ben tennyson harem fanfic


Ben tennyson harem fanfic how to fix a rushed relationship Events of his past are catching up to his present and will take Ben into a new adventure. I have adopted this story from yugiohfan163. I hope you like it. This takes places after the first season of Ultimate Alien after they've beaten Aggregor and Kevin's returned to normal. I'm also ben tennyson harem fanfic all of the rest of Ultimate Alien and going into Omniverse.

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A lesson in Alienomics by aztechobo3 reviews Ben Tennyson needed a vacation. He decided to journey the universe he spent his years protecting. The alien Guardian by Humatrix-X-24 reviews After losing his family, friends and even his home world, Ben Tennyson, hero of the universe gets transported to another world after defeating his greatest enemy.

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By. Diablo Ex Machina Time fragments, and while the pieces spend a week putting themselves back together, many Bens in many fragmented timelines attract the attention of various members of the female species. But what happens when the pieces of the space-time continuum pull themselves back together?

Ben 10 - Duplicate Ben Tennyson's (EP 22) Real Life Ben 10 Series

By. honored cur After being informed of a danger to all sapient life in the galaxy, Professor Paradox and Azmuth grab a newly eighteen year old Ben Tennyson to save them all. By breeding with girls across the galaxy! Ben X Harem... More rated M things will appear in nearly if not all other chapters. Today was the day, Ben finally turned eighteen.

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Omniverse: Tetramand Battle - Ben 10 - Cartoon Network