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Date: Your guide to the delicious Arabian fruit


Best dates to eat in dubai jiayuan com china dating sites Arabs cherish them not only for the amazing benefits they provide, but also for cultural connotations they have with some of their great virtues like generosity and gratitude. The Palm Trees Dates are the sweet fruit of a flowering plant species called palm trees. Best dates to eat in dubai trees can reach from 21 to 23 meters 69—75 ft high, while the leaves are four to six metres 13—20 ft long.

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Majdool date palm, for example, needs a very dry climate, but also a water source. The specificity of the areas for planting leads to smaller crops or limited production, he said. The origin of the date palm tree is extremely important. The quality of dates in coastal areas decreases while desert and interior areas yield high quality dates.

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Dates: Desert fruit in Garden City