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Assassination of Julius Caesar


Caesar 44 bce epidemia definicion etimologica Caesar's rival, Pompey, fled to Greece. Within three months Caesar controlled the entire Caesar 44 bce peninsula and in Spain had defeated the legions loyal to Pompey. Caesar now pursued Pompey to Greece. Although outnumbered, Caesar crushed the forces of his enemy but not before Pompey escaped to Egypt.

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Marcus Antonius Mark Antony , his friend, and, in virtue of the consulship, chief magistrate, roused the Roman multitude against the assassins by his famous funeral oration is known mainly through the incomparable version given by Shakespeare . The account by Appian differs in some particulars from its great imitation. For this reason, as well as for its inherent historic value, the narrative of Appian possesses high interest. It is, of course, far less dramatic, but it is more nearly history.

Order from Chaos (45 BCE - 14 CE) - The Roman Empire in the 1st Century [1 of 4]

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Roman History 09 - The Empire Of Caesar 50 - 44 BC

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