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Don Henley:The End Of The Innocence Lyrics


Don henley songs end of the innocence christian delgrosso house address All of them were good albums. I only just discovered this fact because there is something tragic and melancholy about the song, and naturally its references to New York, death and loss. Many now assume it is an Eagles song, forgetting it was a single.

bruce hornsby the end of the innocence

Share on Facebook Don Henley didn't exactly shy away from including social commentary on his first two solo albums, but when it came time to record his third, The End of the Innocence, his politics were much more prominent -- and the result was the biggest hit of his post- Eagles career. Released June 27, 1989, The End of the Innocence arrived in stores with the title track and first single already in heavy rotation. The record's heady themes might not have been the most Top 40-friendly stuff under normal circumstances, but The End of the Innocence arrived at a portentous-seeming moment for Henley's fans -- as the wealth-obsessed, trickle-down '80s came to a close and glasnost bloomed in the Soviet Union, his fellow aging Cold War kids felt a distinct unease as they eyed the future, and no small amount of guilt as they ruminated over the past.

Heart Of The Matter - Don Henley

don henley the end of the innocence album

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bruce hornsby the end of the innocence

“End Of The Innocence” by Don Henley! VetsAid 2018

Heart Of The Matter Don Henley Lyrics

don henley the heart of the matter

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