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Will Florida Employees Have Social Media Privacy Protection In 2016?


Employee privacy laws florida what to say when flirting with a girl In fact, Florida employee privacy laws florida fail to give many employees certain rights that are bestowed in many other states. Specifically, many employees in Florida do not even have the right to review their own personnel file. Personnel files can contain a wide array of documents and information that can be extremely helpful if you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated or have employee privacy laws florida the victim of unlawful discrimination or retaliation. This file can contain documents regarding your hiring resumes, references, employment contractsjob performance annual reviews, disciplinary actionsand much more. While these files can be personal and important, especially in a legal action, not everyone in Florida has the right to access these files. Guide to Florida Employee Rights If you are a Florida employee, you need to know about your rights in the workplace so that you can understand when they're being violated. There are several types of Florida employee rights spelled out in state law. This guide will teach you about just a few of them. You'll learn about FL employee rights pertaining to how much you make and workplace fairness. Employee Personnel Files If you are a state employee, you have Florida employee rights to view your personnel file.

Unlawful Workplace Violations: How Employers Violate The Laws

In many cases, employees know they are being filmed, with the understanding that the cameras help to deter or catch thieves. However, laws on surveillance exist to protect employees' privacy from unscrupulous filming or recording. Florida laws build upon national regulations that govern workplace surveillance.

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A great number of people in Florida—and across the country—have some type of social media presence. Whether they choose to have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, or other similar sites, social media can be an important tool to stay in touch and to share your ideas, opinions, photos, and videos. However, in Florida, employees can get in serious trouble and even terminated for posts on social media. In fact, an employer can even demand that an employee give them access to their social media pages by either handing over their passwords and usernames or by signing in with management nearby so management can view their profile. If they refuse, an employee may be terminated and may not have rights to a wrongful termination claim.

Know your rights as an employee

These laws have evolved over the last several decades and continue to evolve. An lawyer who specializes in employment law is able to help navigate through the alphabet soup of employment laws. Our firm can provide you information on medical leave, the FMLA, disability law, the ADA and your right to workplace accommodations and reinstatement after illness, injury and pregnancy leaves. An employment handbook can also be a source of employee rights. While the law does not require employers to have an employee handbook, creating workplace procedures helps create a positive working environment.