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Turning Off Track Changes Change Bars


Get out of review mode in word shared interest with partner One of the ways in which Word marks your changes on a document is to include a change bar at the side of a line in which a change was made. This is fairly common in editing, but it may not be to your liking. You can turn off the change bars by following these see more if you are using Word 2013 or a later version. Get out of review mode in word the Review tab of the ribbon. Click the icon at the bottom-right of the Tracking group.

how to turn off track changes in word 2018

If you had a printed copy, you might use a red pen to cross out sentences, mark misspellings, and add comments in the margins. Word allows you to do all of these things electronically using the Track Changes and Comments features Optional. Download our practice document. Understanding Track Changes When you turn on Track Changes, every change you make to the document will appear as a colored markup. If you delete text, it won't disappear—instead, the text will be crossed out. If you add text, it will be underlined.

How to Get Out of Compatibility Mode MS Word

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Word: Track Changes and Comments

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