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James Lafferty Loves Harry Potter, and Other Facts You Never Knew About the One Tree Hill Hottie


James lafferty interview 5 hour energy headache I james lafferty interview, is there anyone who hasn't crushed on the hot TV star at some point during the show's soon-to-be eight-season run? But one of our editors was just a tad bit giddier than the rest of us. OK, so that might be the understatement of the year--Julie, our amazing-beyond-words photo projects director actually prepped for her grand entrance with James--fluffing the hair, glossing the lips--you know the deal. See, Julie's always had a thing for James just like I've always had a thing for Bryan Greenbergso we sent them off for pafferty exclusive interview, and he opened up to her about what's to come after this year's bittersweet james lafferty interview finale, hipsters, and sneaking peaks at Victoria's Secret catalogs. Say what? Who will Nathan be in another year? But before we could get to that, Lafferty turned the tables on me. TeenDramaWhore. What do you think of the name? I admit I am obsessed with teen dramas and I wanted to create a place for fans just like me to discuss the shows. Lafferty. Is that going well for you?

James Lafferty from One Tree Hill - Dan, Jamie & Haley

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Check out the interview below! We just wanted to make this show and have it come out the way we envisioned it. I never even thought about going out to festivals, and then all of the sudden here we are walking up to a screening in this beautiful theater in Monte Carlo. I guess those are the kind of results that can happen when you put your head down and grind for a while. James. When we set out on this journey, we were just taking it step by step.

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James Lafferty Says "There's an Element of Sadness" That One Tree Hill Is Ending

James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti Tell Us Where Their ‘One Tree Hill’ Characters Would Be Today

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Не исключено, что Никки будет обладать некоторыми ее способностями. все зависит от точной генетической схемы. Конечно, влияние на нее будет слабее - в следующем-то поколении.