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‘Kate Plus Date’ Spoilers: Does Kate Gosselin Have a Boyfriend?


Kate plus date air date truck driver beats up black guy They became known to American viewers through their now-vintage reality TV series, Jon and Kate Plus 8, which also put TLC on the map to become the successful reality fate it is today. But one of their eight kids in particular, Collin Gosselin14, is the source of kate plus date air date of gossip kate plus date air date curiosity because he was kept conspicuously absent from the show, and mom Kate has been very silent on the subject of her son. So what happened to Collin Gosselin? Keep reading to find out. Source. Instagram Colin was sent away at the age of 12. The segment, which aired two years after the sextuplet's birth, depicted life at home for a seemingly overwhelmed Kate and her then-husband, Jon Gosselin. As for Kate's parenting style, some critics found her too overbearing and controlling, characteristics that ultimately launched her into reality TV stardom. And even after Kate and Jon split in June 2009, the mom continued to run a tight ship with her eight kids on the spin-off, Kate Plus 8. You don't mess with mama bear Kate, folks.

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