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What Type of Social Networking Personality Are You?


Mbti social networking sites dating progression timeline reddit Commonly used in marketing and counseling, the Sociall test provides you with a glimpse into your strengths and weaknesses with a four-lettered code. Each letter represents a facet of your personality, with two possible preferences -- extroverted E or introverted Iintuitive N or sensing S mbti social networking sites, thinking T or feeling Fjudging J or perceiving P. Are you a Facebook, or a Pinterest? Take mbti social networking sites look below to find out what social networking site you are based on your personality type! Your ultimate goal is to seek harmony and balance in your life.

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Here is how each personality type uses social media. For the INFJ who is feeling especially introverted, making friends online can be a great way to connect. They might struggle to find people around them who understand them- but sometimes connecting with people who have shared interests can help them feel close to others. INFJs might feel the urge to deactivate their accounts for a period of time, especially if they feel too engrossed in the time they spend on social media. INFJs have a tendency to react emotionally to something, and then feel the need to step away for a while.

Typing Yourself Update MBTI

Scrolling through the apps they've downloaded can give you a window into what their priorities are and how they spend their time. Yes, you might learn that they log a lot of hours playing Bejeweled or filtering their photos on Instagram — but you can also learn bigger, more important things too.

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How Do ISTJs Compare To ISFJs?

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