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Mickey Rourke wins on return to boxing ring at age of 62


Mickey rourke boxing record dallas mccarver death reason Very Intriguing Person is a series about people who fascinate us, for better or boxinf. He began as a promising young actor from the Method school, transitioned into a unique heartthrob of concentrated erotic energy, and then precipitously declined, downgrading from Hollywood stardom to an ill-advised career in professional boxing and too much plastic surgery, languishing in the wilderness for over a decade before the genuinely fine movie that would be hailed as a return to form. It has now been a decade mickey rourke boxing record The Wrestler was released and lauded, and Rourke has since mickey rourke boxing record back into the trashy limited-release film ether, undergone increasingly grotesque facial reconstruction, and been caught saying things publicly that are — to put it mildly — jarringly out of step with contemporary culture.

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The Redemption of Mickey Rourke By Moina Arcee, Oct 29, 2015, edited August 26 2018 What can you say about a guy who gives up a glamorous and lucrative acting career portraying male heartthrobs to get punched in the face for a living? You can say he is Mickey Rourke, and he does things his way. German, French, and Scottish blood also flowed through his veins when he was born on September 16, 1952, and given the Christian name Philip Andre Rourke Junior. The senior Rourke was an amateur bodybuilder who deserted his family when his namesake was six.

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Rourke was the oldest of three children. He had a brother and sister. Rourke, who went by the name Andre Rourke for some of his bouts, trained at the famed 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach and joined the Police Athletic League boxing program. He suffered a concussion during a sparring session with former World Welterweight Champion Luis Rodriguez in 1969 and another concussion at the Florida Golden Gloves in 1971.


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