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NHS at 70: How Moorfields Eye Hospital changed the world


Moorfield eye hospital london address relish speed dating philadelphia We are incredibly grateful for the support of donors like the Shapiros for their ongoing support of our mission to advance eye health and research while providing the best care to patients. Over 90 people participated as part of Team Kellogg! Thank you for your passion and commitment!

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The impetus for the formation of the world's first specialist Eye Hospital seems to have been an epidemic of trachoma. This is a form of potentially blinding tropical conjunctivitis which was brought back to England by British troops returning from the Napoleonic wars in Egypt. In 1808, three years after the first patients were treated the hospital became exclusively an eye hospital, the first of its kind in the world. The number of patients seeking treatment steadily increased, forcing a move in 1822 to a larger site on the corner of Lower Moor Fields on Blomfield Street, at this time the hospital was renamed 'The London Ophthalmic Infirmary'. To mark the agreement of the Duchess of Kent and Princess Victoria to become patronesses of the Infirmary in 1836, the hospital was again renamed as the 'Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital'.

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Moorfield Eye Hospital Part One (Official)

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