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Backlash as more radio stations ban "Baby, It's Cold Outside" over lyrics


More radio station number online conversation icebreakers Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. But those who do more radio station number radio argue that it's still every bit a vital medium. The problem, they argue, is that too many stations are poorly managed, often from distant headquarters by executives more interested in making the numbers look good than running stations smartly for the long term. So what does it take to run radio stations smartly?

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Save While traditional radio companies continually evaluate ways to increase ad revenue and integrate new strategies to hold onto audience amid a consistent stream of new audio competition, there is one player in the radio arena whose approach is, one might say, more inspired by faith. Christian broadcasters have quietly amassed thriving broadcast platforms whose audience and revenue readily compete with the likes of iHeartMedia or Entercom. And leaders in religious-based programming have led their own version of a quiet storm. Both Salem Media Group and Educational Media Foundation EMF , the two largest players in the space, are also engaged in aggressive growth mode. Even within the sector, these two players are thriving via completely different business models. The publicly traded Salem largely barters its ministry and conservative talk programming on a nationwide basis; while EMF operates a vast network of non-commercial music stations that thrive on listener contributions.

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The Zimbabwe government plans to issue 25 radio licences for major cities and towns in the next two months as part of efforts to free the airwaves, but there are doubts over the fairness of the selection process. Critics say the board favours those applicants aligned to Zanu-PF and deemed to be "politically correct". Gift Mambipiri, the chairperson of the Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations, said there is consensus among civil society organisations that those applicants perceived to be opposed to Zanu-PF would be sidelined. However, we have always encouraged values more than party politics among our members. Community radio should be above party politics.

K-LOVE is more than a radio station...

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