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Toronto’s pit bulls are almost gone. So why are there more dog bites than ever?


Pitbull attacks in canada statistics female attraction psychology books And, since the Michael Vick debacle, donation-funded 50l c 3 Best Friends Animal Society pitbull attacks in canada statistics taken the lead in nationwide lobbying against breed-specific legislation BSL cnaada could help protect both the dogs and their victims--alleging that the only breed which appears to enjoy killing its own is just "misunderstood. This involved the college in research and collecting documents in preparation for the trial and litigation. This became the subtitle of a compilation of 1,000 abstracts from books, magazines, newspapers and other sources from 1970 to 1986 in a book entitled, "The Pit Bull Dilemma. Rottweilers were in second place with 45 fatal attacks recorded, while the German shepherd was third with 20. Dog Bite Pitbull attacks in canada statistics Nationwide Increased 2.

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It appears there was a quick backslide. Was it not possible or is it an unsustainable illusion? But which is the truth?

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Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has argued that this has been done as a matter of "public safety. It is certainly the case that the likelihood that a dog will bite differs among various dog breeds. This is been confirmed by a number of studies and surveys. For example, if we focus only on the most severe dog bites those resulting in someone dying , the dogs generally described as pit bulls account for approximately half of these, despite the fact that such dogs only account for 1 to 2 per cent of the total population. However let us look at another important issue, namely. "Is the problem large enough to justify such severe legislation?

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Comments Christiane Vadnais, 55, was mauled to death in the backyard of her east-end Montreal home by a neighbour's pit bull. Since the June 8 incident, there has been much discussion in the city, and the province, about the appropriate public-policy response. Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has promised a new municipal bylaw that will ban the acquisition of new pit bulls, mandate the sterilization of existing ones and demand they be muzzled in public. Premier Philippe Couillard, for his part, mused aloud that Quebec may follow Ontario's lead and ban pit bulls and other dangerous breeds province-wide. The obvious question here is. Why did it take another gruesome death and a relentless campaign by a big newspaper like La Presse for the politicians to finally wake up to this long-standing problem?

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