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Official Rammstein Fanclub Vintage Jacket 1996


Rammstein fan club official traducere romana franceza poza The Germans issued their sixth studio album at the end of van last year, which sparked rammstein fan club official more controversy than their rammstein fan club official recordings. In the last days of November the group gave stunning performance in Katowice, much to the fans enjoyment. Kruspe, was kind enough to talk to us before the Spodek gig. This time the questions were prepared by members of Feuerrader — the official Polish Rammstein Fanclub! We have selected the most interesting ones and presented them to Richard.

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Rammstein's videos have never been for the faint of heart — here we compile the most controversial in their collection Shares Lights! If you're aware of German alt-metal legends Rammstein , you probably know two things. One, they love setting fire to things, and two, they love sending people into panic with their graphic music videos. Never have they made the latter point more clear than with the release of their recent Deutschland single and its accompanying video.


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Я провел два совершенно потрясающих часа в конференц-зале с Арчи и октопауками. - воскликнул он, обращаясь к Николь. - Они показали мне свое оборудование, которое использовали сегодня для обследования Эпонины. Удивительно. Какой невероятный врачебный гений.

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Ну наконец мы остались вдвоем. - Он обнял Эпонину и поцеловал. - Вот что, мамзелька, я тебе скажу, я люблю. Не знаю, в какой чертовой дыре мы находимся, но, как бы то ни было, я рад, что ты со .