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A Tinder Clone app with React Native


React native tinder clone tutorial samantha stewart obituary new york Or how can Tinder find dates within a two-mile radius from you? From pizza delivery and taxi to Find Nxtive iPhone read article telling the bus schedule, location-based applications have been helping us out with our everyday tasks. Location might be either the primary function, like in Uber, or auxiliary, like in Facebook — it always tells you when react native tinder clone tutorial is an upcoming event near you.

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Intro The test of all good frameworks is how easy it is to implement Tinder right? Well with react-native we do get the benefits of flex box as well as some transforms which we'll take advantage of. We don't have access to an easy physics, even though they were added in IOS7.

React Native Tutorial - Build a Complete Stopwatch App in 60 Minutes

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Understanding Flexbox in React Native

Tinder clone using React Native and Firebase part 1

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