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List of PlayStation Vita games


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Celceta The magician rival has no romantic involvement in the game whatsoever, nor does Ares. Instead, you'll find an occasional NPC within the dungeons who mentions another NPC, and maybe later on you'll meet that other NPC and see some slight signs of romance between those two. It's all very background, though, and mostly exists to provide puzzles or ambiance -- this is a pure gameplay game, with the only characters who matter more or less being Ares and Dela, and long multi-hour stretches where you'll see absolutely no NPCs whatsoever. There is text mostly from Dela or from NPCs who set up shop in the dungeon, as you can talk to them and they'll tell you about how long they've been there, how many people they've seen die, etc. That's not to say the story that's here is bad, though -- it's just very straightforward.

Top PlayStation Vita Japanese RPG - PS Vita JRPG

Превосходная идея. - Я буду осто-рожен, - произнес он, расстегивая халат матери. - Только скажи, если я сделаю тебе больно.

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Top 10 PS Vita RPG Games So Far

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