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Mortal Kombat 11 may feature Ronda Rousey—but not as herself


Ronda rousey mk11 post dated check law ohio NetherRealm Studios excited may disparate groups when it announced its plans for Mortal Kombat 11 MK11the ronda rousey mk11 installment in the now legendary fighting game. So with its release set for April 23rd, here is how NetherRealm Studios plans to get casual players on board with MK11. An opportunity to compete. The developers have understood this and sought a number of innovations which will allow new and causal players access to the game, and the opportunity to actually win contests and build their rankings. The single-player mode is rich on tasks and techniques that will surely see players begin to grasp what it takes to become a better fighter in multi-player ronda rousey mk11. Rousey makes her debut ronda rousey mk11 in a AAA video game, providing the voice for Sonya Blade, who will surely prove to be one of the most popular female characters in franchise history.

MK 11 will bring fighters from the present to the past to stop a threat to the timeline in the form of Kronika, who is looking to bring balance to this reality. Current fighters will meet younger versions of themselves in perhaps the most ambitious story in the franchise's history. The roster is also looking hefty with more than 20 characters confirmed for the base roster.

Ronda Rousey's Emmy nominated performance as Sonya Blade - Mortal Kombat 11

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