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Let me tell you about Secret Caverns New York


Secret caverns new york dutch pension fund consolidation Spelunking in Upstate New York Some people use the words "cave" and "cavern" interchangeably. A cave is an opening in a rock, large enough secret caverns new york human entry. A cavern is a larger cave or, in some cases, a series of interconnected caves.

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The Caveman leads the way. These masterpieces were hidden, unvisited, for thousands of years -- and that's probably because early humans had no concept of a billboard. In modern times, the evolved cave artists at Secret Caverns in Cobleskill, New York, know that the cave should be left in its pristine state, and that a better canvas is a 30x20-foot piece of plywood propped up along a highway. Todd DelMarter in the bathroom.

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