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I still want one of those Bar jackets


Sheamus and cesaro vs the usos notice of disposal boat Michael Cole proclaimed it a sold-out crowd, one that would witness Randy Orton vs. Sheamus faced off against Roman Reigns, and it was positioned as a big deal. Sheamus won a battle cesao right hands and made the first cover of the match, for a two-count. Huge pop for Daniel Bryan tagging in and hitting his signature moves on Dean Ambrose. There was a stand-off between the two teams in the ring.

Sheamus found it difficult to get the upper hand early, so Jimmy Uso switched in for Jey once Cesaro tagged in to keep the hard-hitting action going. Sheamus and Cesaro then blatantly cheated to keep Jey grounded, maintaining a strong advantage going into the break. Jey valiantly attempted to fight free of Sheamus and Cesaro, but a rolling senton and elbow drop nearly sent The Usos packing with a tough loss.

Cesaro & The Usos vs Alberto Del Rio & The Dudley Boyz - Main Event 2016

Она раздразнила Накамуру поцелуем. потом вторым, проведя языком по его языку. И, хохоча, отскочила. Накамура двинулся к .

Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Usos Full Match WWE Survivor Series 2017 Tag Team Champions

Грудь как у мамонта, а вместо рук бревна. Интересно, понравилось бы ей в этом месте.