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'SNL Weekend Update' Heads To Prime Time


Snl weekend update last night cougar woman meaning in urdu Very goofy, but very fun -- all of it anchored by Beck Bennett's appropriately amped-up voice-over and punctuated by a flurry snl weekend update last night freakin' dabs. Note. Unfortunately, the sketch no longer plays on YouTube, but you might be able to catch it in a replay of the full episode, streamable here on Hulu. Actually, on second thought. Especially when the here they're selling is a not-at-all discreet toilet. In the best way.

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May 23, 2019 12.33 p. Facebook Reddit Email There is generally a 3.1 ratio of live sketches to pre-taped ones in any given episode of Saturday Night Live , with somewhere around 130 live sketches—conceived, written, rewritten and produced in just a few sleep-deprived days every week—spread out through the entire 21 episode season. Suffice it to say, there are always a lot of live sketches to go through. Not all of them land, but if you look past the cold opens, you'll find a grab bag of great material this season—I would actually say that this season, the live sketches were generally superior to the pre-taped ones. Below, check out our top 20 favorite live sketches, along with the best Weekend Update guests and best monologues.

Weekend Update: Trump's Iran Conflict Confusion - SNL

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Weekend Update: Rebecca Larue the Flirting Expert - SNL

Weekend Update: Opera Man Returns - SNL

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