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Neither Priyanka Chopra nor the readers need hate-spewing viral article by this US website


The cut priyanka article reddit black and white christian dating sites An AMA is exactly what the name suggests. Reddit users can ask the person conducting the AMA pretty much anything. The the cut priyanka article reddit part about this is that Reddit has an enormous readership, which translates to excellent publicity if all goes well. However, that's if you don't get bludgeoned by questions you'd rather not answer. Not too many people from Bollywood have had the courage to step on the AMA boat. The magazine originally tried to remove the most offensive parts of the piece in an update before eventually electing to simply retract the article entirely. A rep for New York Magazine declined to offer anything further. Chopra, a Bollywood star who managed to cross over into the U.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas spills secrets from her wedding - GMA

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We've removed it and apologise," read a tweet on the official Twitter handle of The Cut. The article, which outraged social media, labelled Priyanka a 'modern-day scam artist' and also suggested that Nick Jonas had 'married into a fraudulent relationship against his will'. Both the writer of the article, Mariah Smith, and The Cut were buried under an avalanche of criticism. Actress Sonam Kapoor was amongst the many Twitter users, who responded angrily to the offensive piece. The article on Priyanka Chopra was sexist, racist and disgusting.

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