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A Day in the Life of YouTube Star Felicia Day [VIDEO]


The guild felicia day youtube reconnecting with first love while married Born the guild felicia day youtube Huntsville, Ala. A subsequent move to Los Angeles to take up acting did not go well initially. Hollywood again beckoned, but potential distributors wanted to pay her a flat fee to own the content. She also created and sold a DVD of the show and developed a comic book series around the characters for Dark Horse Comics. After producing her own content for fdlicia couple of years, her acting career started to take off.

the guild season 5 episode 1

She's an actress, online personality, geek, gamer, writer, director, and even a book author with a memoir called, "You're Never Weird on the Internet almost. Heading to Hollywood after college with no connections and no clue about how the business operated, Day worked her way up through commercials into some appearances on televisions and then into recurring parts. But there are dead ends and disappointments in the industry, so she wrote her own. The Guild, a niche web series focused on a group of gamers, was turned down by everyone, so with the help of some friends she brought it to the web, where it flourished for six seasons. While continuing acting ironically, it became the day job the made everything else possible , she continued with YouTube, social media, and convention personal appearances.

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SDCC '11 The Guild Panel Felicia Day

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