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Grand Piano review: not enough notes


The piano movie ending explained 50 cent you should be dead by now The piano movie ending explained film premiered stateside at the 2013 Fantastic Festand drew raves from critics and audiences alike, announcing the arrival of a talent whose ability to connect with audiences is as impressive as his versatility behind the scenes. Elijah, this is a character who starts off in an extraordinarily anxious place. By trying to redeem himself professionally, he becomes sort of personally empowered. How much of that was in the script and how much did you bring to it to make sure that he went on a real journey? It was there in the script.

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Tweet "The Piano" is as peculiar and haunting as any film I've seen. It tells a story of love and fierce pride, and places it on a bleak New Zealand coast where people live rudely in the rain and mud, struggling to maintain the appearance of the European society they've left behind. It is a story of shyness, repression and loneliness; of a woman who will not speak and a man who cannot listen, and of a willful little girl who causes mischief and pretends she didn't mean to. The film opens with the arrival of a 30ish woman named Ada Holly Hunter and her young daughter, Flora Anna Paquin , on a stormy gray beach. They have been rowed ashore, along with Ada's piano, to meet a local bachelor named Stewart Sam Neill , who has arranged to marry her.

grand piano movie review

Tweet "Grand Piano" is a tidy and tension-filled exercise in terror that takes stage fright to literal extremes. Save for a few brief opening interludes aboard an airplane beset by turbulence and a sequence inside a limo, the entire enterprise takes place in a Chicago symphonic hall during a musical performance. But there is a sumptuous lurid sensibility lurking as well, from the sweeping camera choreography to the art-deco style fan of crimson amid gold and black that forms the stage backdrop. Advertisement Elijah Wood , sporting that same sort of wide-eyed woeful countenance that served him well as ring-bearer Frodo Baggins, is Tom Selznick, an anxious piano prodigy making a comeback backed by a full orchestra after a five-year absence.

The Piano ( Lezioni di Piano ) 4ULife (original Movie Trailer plus overdub music by VST )

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The Sacrifice - Michael Nyman (The Piano)