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Trent total drama island voice nigels eco dating By. Flamingoetsalsa Takes place after Up the Creek, one member from each team is taken, but what happens when those two trent total drama island voice are Gwen and courtney? How will Trent and Duncan deal with being without them? Tgent to find out. I know the summary sucks! How does Trent take this shocking news?

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By. Empire-of-the-East That's right, Season 2! This is my version of Season 2! Well, come on in and start reading!

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Eva pushed Trent down to the ground from a plane. LeShawna showed everyone how to hang on for dear life on the moose ride!

#35 "Duncan" from TOTAL DRAMA - Drew Nelson

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По крайней мере тех, кто знает. Грубиян и ругатель - просто маска, зачем-то придуманная (быть может, для самозащиты) на той же ферме в Арканзасе.

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