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Vocaloid characters' personalities? + Headcanon


Vocaloid characters profile usa girl friendship whatsapp number She often just vocaloid characters profile out her phone number to literally anybody who asks bc she doesn't think much of it much to the chaacters of the Cryptonloids' dismay and so she always vocaloid characters profile to change her phone number making it really hard for anybody to actively reach her lol. She's the type the others love to invite to family parties but they can't take her anywhere lol Prima. I like to HC Prima as being pretty tall, like almost 6 feet. I think she's much more mature and responsible than Luka, and she's really into elegant things like flower arranging and fencing. She's also really slender with a bit of muscle from all that fencing and other activities. He has dark eyes that compliment his fur, and is always seen with his tongue sticking out. Ren wears a collar with silver studs and a small syringe charm that Naine had given Aoba hooked at the center of it. He is often called a "bundle of blue fur" due to his fluffy coat.

My top 10 vocaloid characters

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Невозможно поверить". Элли решила смолчать. - Итак, я ухожу, - наконец бросил Роберт.

Gumi, Kagamine Rin - Computer Insane Love Girl (電脳狂愛ガール)

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