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Life behind a mask — China's cities still choking on smog


China air quality 2018 new years eve singles events edmonton Email The hazes can be choking and can reduce visibility at noon to a few tens of yards. Fumes belch from factory chimneys, coal-fired power plants, heating systems in apartment blocks, and china air quality 2018 of road vehicles. When the weather traps smog in the streets, city hospital admissions soar and the morgues fill. Clear weather does not normally make for news but it does in the Chinese capital, which over the past two decades has been notorious for pollution. Or are they? The Financial Times has collated Nasa satellite data showing concentrations of nitrogen dioxide — a common air pollutant — over China from January 2005 to May 2018. A time-lapse of the data reveals the extent of the pollution crisis, and how pollution spikes in winter, when coal is required for heating. But it also reveals a troubling resurgence in pollution levels.

China air pollution 23 Feb 2018

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China's toxic smog - BBC News

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