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Club Getaway Jewish Singles Weekend


Jewish singles weekend getaways briar rose christensen pictures What Is Steppin' Out Adventures? While we started as a singles group, because of the over 17,000 in our database, we also do business and networking groups. We also know that we have put together amazing trips and work with outstanding outfitters abroad and we are extending that knowledge to put together customized trips, exotic wedding and honeymoons as well as trips for families and corporations. But if you look at all the different activities we do and audiences we target singles, business networking and corporate adventures there is a common theme that comes up. Community Builder. Whether we are taking a singles group jewish singles weekend getaways up Macchu Pichu or skiing, or setting up interactive Speed Networking events or sending corporate jewish singles weekend getaways orienteering, or on a scavenger hunt, our concept is through activity and fun, people bond.

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What better way to go on a relaxing vacation and at the same time, possibly meet a future mate? These types of vacations are being hosted all the time, by many organizations. There are also many Shabbatons and cruises that are organized with Jewish singles in mind. Frumster , a premier online Jewish dating site for Orthodox Jews, hosts get-away events for singles including activities such as horseback riding, water-skiing, fishing, kayaking, boating, rock climbing, speakers, workshops and much more. One coming event is open to all Jewish Professionals in their 20s and 30s, and the price includes food and transportation.

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The Tribal Ball - Nation's Biggest Jewish Singles Event (4,300 Jewish Singles)

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