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Russell Howard wants to do more Gert Lush – if he can book his in-demand sister Kerry


Russell howard and his sister do dating websites have fake profiles Is Russell Howard touring in 2019, how can I get tickets and is he married? We take a look at his life and career so far in the spotlight. Russell Howard, 38, is a comedian from Bristol.

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I don't come from a showbiz background or anything like that. Growing up, we didn't really have any money but we were kind of inventive. We'd make stuff all the time. We went through a phase of making paper watches with loads of little buttons on and we'd imagine these buttons could make us travel back in time. Mum used to do all that with us.

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His name is Russell Howard — a British born comedian, radio and television presenter. He is also popular for the show titled The Russell Howard Hour.

Russell Howard Funny Moments (July 2018) *PART 2*

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