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Guide to Medieval Manuscript Research


18th century paleography tom holland height in feet Print 18th century paleography tutorial 1. Background Information If you have not carried out much research using testaments this is a good tutorial to start with, because 18th century testaments are easier to understand than those of earlier or later centuries. In 18th century testamentary registers the handwriting is more recognisable to us 18th century paleography the mixture of secretary hand and cursive in sixteenth and seventeenth century testaments. More varieties of the testamentary process can be found in nineteenth century registers, especially after heritable property was allowed to be bequeathed in 1868. These are invariably longer, with more legal jargon and centurj in a monotonous type of handwriting, making 18th century paleography harder to identify important information.

introduction to palaeography

Three years and over 1,100 students later, we are happy to report that not a single student visiting our archives proved unable or unwilling to read handwritten documents. Initially, most students are intimidated by a document written in old and unfamiliar script. Friendly encouragement and supportive facilitation can help instill necessary confidence. We have found that students respond positively to the idea that 18th- and 19th-century handwriting is a challenging but doable puzzle. When students are using materials written in a difficult hand, we start the archives visit by demonstrating to the whole class before commencing any small group work several tips for decoding the letters.

The Development of Caroline Miniscule

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All of the examples shown here are derived from Bodleian Library manuscripts. The date next to each letter indicates the date of the manuscript from which they are taken.

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SpecColl: Reading 20th century manuscripts

Paleography: More of an art than a science

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