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Diplo Responds to 'Ruining' Joe Jonas' Wedding, Teases Country JoBros Song!


Joe jonas wedding diplo dating calendar calculator Their officiant changed into an Joe jonas wedding diplo impersonator. Joe Jonas, jamaica west indies, and Sophie Turner, 23, are officially married as of May 1, throwing every person off. The couple tied the knot in a Las Vegas chapel as a big crowd watched from the pews, which blanketed marriage ceremony guest Diplo. The DJ filmed their exchange of vows on his Instagram Story, as that you can see below. The nuptials, adding the pre-wedding birthday party at Carbone restaurant, happened correct after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on the Grand Garden Arena, in which the Jonas Brothers carried out.

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The quick ceremony, which was literally officiated by an Elvis impersonator, was apparently supposed to be kept secret from fans, but I guess Diplo didn't get the message, considering he livestreamed the entire thing on his Instagram. Joe Jonas' story about Diplo ruining his and Sophie Turner's secret wedding breaks down how the livestream even happened, and it's hilarious. In an interview the Jonas Brothers did on the UK's Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp radio show, Jonas revealed that despite the fact that Diplo recorded the entire wedding, making it believable that he was given the OK to do so, he was most definitely not given the OK!

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The Sad Truth About Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Relationship

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New Photos From Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Surprise Las Vegas Wedding