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5 Most Sensational ‘Muppets’ Rock Star Appearances


Muppets show dancing teddy duncan bedroom Mingling with the Muppets and challenging Jimmy Fallon to a potato sack this web page have been all in a day's work for the first lady, as she leads the fight against childhood obesity and muppes more support muppets show dancing military families. In honor of her milestone birthday, we've rounded up our favorite Michelle Obama pop culture moments. Meeting the Muppets The first lady has been the driving force behind the White House's largest-ever vegetable garden, and she took her green thumb to the cement sidewalks of "Sesame Street," showing Elmo, Big Muppets show dancing and a trio of kids how to plant seeds and grow their own fresh veggies. And, in an only-on-Sesame-Street twist, even the presumably about-to-be-eaten vegetables came to life and cheered on their eventual consumption.

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Share on Tumblr Original air date. October 19, 1978 This episode of The Muppet Show is different from the rest of the series in a striking way. This is absolutely the right move for Henson and Co. Liberace has such a singular and unique performance personality and a particularly glammy aesthetic, and he would have gotten in the way of a lot of typical Muppet antics. It results in one of the strongest episodes of the series. Born W?

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Muppets Tonight - Dancin' in the Dark