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The Fishing Beat: Plenty of salmon action on Lake Ontario and Niagara River


Plenty of fish niagara iain cook twitter No matter the season, stepping to rish edge of the cliff induces butterflies each and every time you do it. And what lies in the bottom of the gorge plenty of fish niagara equally impressive. It runs almost emerald green with patches of white-water rapids almost placed strategically to keep you honest in its sheer power. The power of the Mighty Mighty—the Niagara River!

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While the water was a bit high from all the rain, conditions should be good by the time you read this report — unless we receive large rain amounts Wednesday. He also noted that they have been using a Ranger ATV to haul people to and from the fishing areas, a benefit for those fishermen who could use a little helping hand for access. Fresh fish can be found in all of the deeper holes further down towards the harbor and fish are still being caught off the piers and in the lake according to Wes Walker at The Slippery Sinker. Casting spoons, spinners or stickbaits are all good approaches off the piers or from anchored boats.

Niagara River Trout Fishing

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Local Fish Store Tour - Maidenhead Aquatics, Chesterfield

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