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In 1811, the City drained the area by building a canal which was later covered over in 1821 and was named, of course, Canal Street. Here a link to a photo from 1893. The original building was torn down and eventually, a new modern Manhattan House of Detention was erected.

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Whether you're a lover of chocolate, gummies, sours or vintage treats, somewhere in Chicago is the perfect candy shop for you. Here are our eight favorite candy shops.


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Простите меня, все старики, чьи рассказы я пропускала мимо ушей. Я не хотела быть грубой и невнимательной. Я просто не понимала, что значит - быть старым". Николь вздохнула и обернулась.

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Chicago Chinatown: One of the most thriving Asian communities in the US