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Three on the Bund Experience – An evening on many levels…


Three on the bund north fort myers personals Michelle Qiao reports. One hundred years ago in 1912, a young architect was assigned from Hong Kong to Shanghai to expand business for his agency. With talent three on the bund luck, he got a project, executed it superbly and thus won a galaxy of notable projects, most of which are still glistening on the crescent Bund. And the first project that brought him three on the bund fortune was the Union Building, widely known today as Three on the Bund. In 1916 the Far Eastern Review newspaper called the six-story building one of the most noteworthy advances in construction and design in Shanghai - it used a steel skeleton, a technological advance that would make skyscrapers possible.

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Photography is by Pedro Pegenaute. Situated within the prestigious Three on the Bund, Mercato is renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's newest culinary destination in Shanghai, the first of which to serve up an upscale yet rustic Italian fare. Floor plan - click for larger image Stripping back the strata of finishes that have built up after years of renovations, the design concept celebrates the beauty of the bare structural elements. Three on the Bund was the first building in Shanghai to be built out of steel, and the architects' decision to reveal the original steel columns pays homage to this extraordinary feat. Against the textured backdrop of the existing brickwork, concrete, plaster and mouldings, new insertions are clearly demarcated.

На одном из экранов Накамура, одетый как японский сегун, держал речь перед толпой, собравшейся на площади Сентрал-Сити. В его руке был большой рисунок, изображающий октопаука, и хотя экраны безмолвствовали, из его действий и жестов толпы было ясно, что Накамура призывает всех выступить против октопауков.

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