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How to register to vote in california tisch family foundation California does not require proof of citizenship to vote ie birth certificate or passportand neither do any of the other states, despite the unconstitutional efforts of Kansas, Alabama and Georgia to make that a requirement. You can read about how to register to vote in california federal case here. California does not have same day registration. The thousands of hits we have received on this article since the election make it clear that the intent is to use the calitornia the way a drunk uses a lamp post—for support rather than illumination.

california voter registration records

How do I fill out the registration form? How do I register to vote? To register, you'll need to complete a Voter Registration Form. The form will be printed and mailed to you for your signature. After you verify that the information is correct, the form must be signed and mailed to your county election official for the registration to be processed.

California Voter Registration

am i registered to vote california

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Monday Is The Last Day To Register To Vote In California

I Registered To Vote For The First Time

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