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Hailee Steinfeld Finally Talks About Dating Niall Horan


Niall horan girlfriend who dated who renee young instagram dean ambrose Well, sort of. Neither of them are denying the E story is true. Sure, Niall and Hailee seem like they're perfect for each other.

is hailee steinfeld single

And managing to be low-key at all is a very impressive feat considering he was in one of the most popular boy bands in the world for many years. As for Horan, he's single right now as he embarks on his solo career, but I can't help but wonder who Niall Horan has dated because I know that he has probably had his fun, as well. There are only a handful of times that I remember Horan being rumored to be dating anyone. One thing is for sure, the 23-year-old holds his career as a priority in his life, as he always did with One Direction, so now that he's solo, a long-term girlfriend might still not be in the cards.

niall horan hailee steinfeld

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