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Diane Kruger Reveals Sex of the Baby She Welcomed With Norman Reedus


Norman reedus baby pictures find a tinder match on facebook Share Many parents of newborns can't stop staring at their sweet new baby — or sharing http://roines.me/sayt-znakomstv-dlya-braka/black-mirror-season-4-consciousness.php of norman reedus baby pictures. If you're friends with them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram, you know. For celebrity parents, in many cases, that's the same. They can't help but share the goings on at home. But other celebrity parents understandably want to keep their baby's identity more private. There's not much information about the baby yet, but according to Page Six, Kruger gave birth to a baby girl. The paper's sources didn't share what the child's name is, or the exact date of her birth. The baby is Kruger's first child , while Reedus has a 19-year-old son with his ex Helena Christensen, according to People. Reedus and Christensen's son, Mingus Lucien, graduated high school earlier this year.

What The Walking Dead Cast Looked Like As Kids

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Diane Kruger Welcomes A Child

Norman Reedus Teases a New Look Coming to The Walking Dead

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