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Rules For Dating A Musician


Rules for dating a musician usa today network newspapers We gave the issue some consideration, and you're right! Please accept these new tips for dating female musicians, with our apologies. Musicians have an uncanny ability to send shivers down the pants of even their most a-sexual of onlookers. Musicians uphold, perhaps even created, the "cool affect. I spent the last rules for dating a musician head-deep in that club as a boyfriend-of-a-musician -- these are the lessons I quickly learned.

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Share Thanks to Audrey Watts and Dave from the Tits In the Bad Ideas Hall of Fame, dating a musician ranks with having one more drink for the road, getting a credit card in college, or assuming that rash will clear up on its own. Despite the stereotypes about band dudes—that they're self-absorbed, financially capricious and eternally resistant to growing up—women still insist on hitching their starry-eyed wagons to the backs of tour buses. Los Angeles drowns in actors and New York swells with writers, but Nashville's dating-pool albatross is distinctly guitar-shaped. You can't throw a dart here without hitting a gig bag. Of the 619,626 people who reside in Nashville, according to the 2008 census, all but five are musicians. At least that's how it feels when a girl walks into any bar, restaurant or grocery and takes a good hard look for potential suitors.

#FinalStatement “Dating A Musician"

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Drunk Relationship Advice: Dating a Musician

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